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GiFi™: Mobile dating that’s safe, secure and won’t frustrate the hell out of you

Do you care about your privacy and whether others can track where you are and what you’re doing at any given time? Here’s why you probably should delete your current mobile dating app profile immediately!

There’s been a lot of buzz in the community recently concerning privacy flaws in proximity based dating apps like Grindr. In addition to issues related to battery drain, data loss, and crashing, a fatal privacy bug was announced this week which led to the withdrawal of that app’s unique selling point: the ability to easily identify, locate and arrange a meet up with nearby guys you like.

When you use apps that utilize standard mobile location technology like GPS you may not realize it but the app constantly tells the provider of the service your exact location. In the absence of high-level security protocols, if you know where to look you can get all the profile and communication data about any user – and pin-point them to an exact location! It’s hard to stress how bad this is. Think about crazy ex’s, stalkers, thieves and other unscrupulous people who you’d like to avoid being able to know exactly where you are, 24 hours a day.

As it turns out, app vendors who overlook implementing the advanced computer science technology necessary to protect users make the mistake of leaving their servers effectively unprotected and public - the equivalent of leaving the front door of your house open so anybody can come in and poke around!

By cancelling the location services you can make it a little harder for hackers to get hold of your location, but all of your other information still is open to the public. We love these apps for being able to find nearby guys, but is it worth putting up with the constant crashes, lost information, rapid battery drain and now giving up privacy and personal safety – no thanks! So what exactly is the point of such apps now that the thing we love the most (finding nearby guys) isn’t working properly?

It just so happens that we at GiFi have solved these issues by licensing a bleeding-edge tech stack from GeoSpock Limited—a high-tech, computer science company out of Cambridge University run by PhD scientists—who wanted to help us in building an app the community could be proud of. We have just completed the Beta testing of its next generation gay social app GiFi and launched the app globally today.

For those of you who don’t know, GiFi has all of the features that market leading apps have and many more like instant identification of 500 guys at a time based on mood, preferences, profile match and location. Add to this the ability to message and chat (1-on-1 or group) and to create, join and follow groups, places and events. It is built for security and privacy sensitivity, with features such as masking your location with a user-configurable safety zone that is on by default, allowing you to control who knows where you are. The app has been rigorously tested over the past 6 months with ~10,000 beta testers resulting in the best performing, stable and functionally rich gay social app ever built. GiFi is available on iPhone , iPad  and Android .  

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If you would like further information about GiFi or would like to schedule an interview then please contact:

Kristian Tangen-Sorgendal
GiFi Community Manager
E-Mail: kristian@mygifi.com
Mob: 07780 115499
Web: www.mygifi.com

About GeoSpock Limited

GeoSpock™ is an über geeky technology company whose aim is to forever change the way people interact with their world. They are developing a world-leading platform for support of secure, extreme-scale, proximity-based mobile applications with advanced features allowing precision geo-targeted messaging and advertisements.

If you would like further information about GeoSpock Limited please contact:

Dr Michael Murphy
Operations Director
E-Mail: mike@geospock.com
Mob: 07885 588965
Web: www.geospock.com

Disclaimer: the image content used within this press release is being used under license for illustrative purposes onlyand that any person depicted in our images is a model and not a user of the app.