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Fringe! and Out There magazine are proud to present the UK Premiere of Travis Mathews’s “I Want Your Love” at Hackney Picture House Screen One

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As you will have already been told, Out There magazine is proud to be presenting the UK premiere of Travis Mathews’s critically acclaimed film, “I Want Your Love” at the opening of this year’s Fringe! Film Festival.

But last week, only just after 3 days of tickets being on sale, we sold out. Thanks to the wonderful guys at the Hackney Picture House, they have bumped the mother of all blockbusters TITANIC 3D out of Screen One to make way for our screening on Thursday 12th April, so the fantastic news is that we have more tickets on sale for this amazing film at this truly alternative festival.

Set in San Francisco, this gripping drama is an unapologetically voyeuristic (yes, we’re talking un-simulated sex and real emotions) insight into the sexual and emotional interactions of a young gay man and is hailed as a turning point for gay cinema.

“We worked with Travis on our second issue and I fell in love with his queer sensibility and what he does – so very much in-line with the spirit of Out There magazine. We’re thrilled that Fringe! will be bringing him across the fly-over states and then the ‘pond’ to London to present this masterpiece”, says Out There founder Martin Perry.


“An intense, intimate film with a fantastic soundtrack and stunning visual beauty that will haunt you long after the final scene”, says Scott Heim, author of ‘Mysterious Skin’.

“Hell yes! I couldn't be more excited about opening Fringe with Out There magazine! Fringe! is leading the pack among a growing number of young queer festivals that feel fresh and relevant to a new generation of festival goers.” says Travis.

Tickets are on sale now for this fantastic opening to the festival.  As an added bonus, Portuguese film director Antonio da Silva will also be screening his Short, ‘Mates’.


To celebrate the opening of Fringe! and the UK Premier, Out There is giving away 2 amazing nights stay at the beautiful SEMIRAMIS HOTEL in Athens, Greece.

To stand a chance of winning, we’re asking you to tell us what YOU want. TWEET the following phrase “I WANT YOUR…” followed by what it is you want. Don’t forget to include @fringefilmfest and @OutThereMag in the tweet to enter!






With four gay days of over 30 films, events, art and parties, Fringe! is excited showcase this year’s 4-day ‘confetti burst’ of queer culture, with many events free to the public.

London’s alternative gay film festival now in is second year promises to be bigger, better and more irreverent than ever.



Out There is the world’s first homoculture, arts, voices, style and travel bi-annual for discerning, queer men in 20 countries worldwide.



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Dates: Thursday 12th April 2012, Hackney Picture House, 270 Mare Street, London, E8 1HE
9.30pm. Tickets £8. Tickets on sale at www.fringefilmfest.com and participating venues

Very limited press tickets available press@fringefilmfest.com
or call Anna Leach 07525 146 770

Website: www.fringefilmfest.com

Facebook: facebook.com/fringefest

Twitter: twitter.com/fringefilmfest





London - Out There magazine, the world's first luxury bi-annual compendium of homoculture, voices, style and travel targeted at discerning gay men in 20 countries worldwide launched its brand new website today, providing online users with a more integrated online experience and showcasing current content across its four blogs. The website also features outline content from the magazine's printed editions, allowing readers to browse content before buying or subscribing. The website was developed by Boutique Marketing, sister organisation and co-publishers of the magazine.

Coinciding with the launch of the new site, is the magazine's announcement that it will be making its current and past issues available on iPad and other mobile devices via the AppStore and Android Marketplace. This is set to triple the magazine's distribution worldwide and offer a contemporary platform to read the magazine in addition to the luxury, printed coffee-table issues. The mobile platforms are due for launch in the first quarter of 2012, with a launch date set for the end of February.

"Expanding our digital capabilities is in line with the magazine's growth over the last 2 years since its inception in 2010. Now distributed in 20 countries worldwide, we're truly excited about expanding our digital offering and making our magazine more accessible to all types of readers, especially those in areas that we don't distribute, showcasing the people who are making an impact on gay and queer arts, activism, fashion and travel across the world - with a step away from mainstream gay-culture." - says Martin Perry, Editorial and Creative Director of Out There magazine.

For more information, please contact Eoin at the Out There PR team on 0203 286 3580. 








Out There magazine, the world's first luxury lifestyle magazine targeted at discerning, internationally minded gay men is proud to launch its third issue, entitled THE ART ISSUE across the world today.

The magazine prides itself on being something different for an affluent and culturally rich gay audience, reaching more and more people across the world, interested in what it has to offer - its own brand of and take on gay/queer culture - an intelligent and glossy alternative to otherwise 'mainstream' gay magazines.

We've been billed by critics as "A gay alternative to the Monocle" and "GQ meets Vanity Fair meets Out meets Advocate".

With distribution in 20 countries, the magazine is growing from strength to strength, following a sell-out of preview copies of this issue in San Francisco in November.

The issue features the legendary Penny Arcade on its cover and focuses on the queer city of San Francisco in a compedium of homoculture, arts, voices, style and travel spanning 200 glossy, luxurious pages.

For more information on Out There, visit: www.outtheremagazine.com






Dear Peter,


I hope you are well.
I read the open letter below with much interest.

Boutique Marketing - The Gay Marketing and Media Agency and Out There magazine wholeheartedly support your call for an East London LGBT Pride rally. Our HQ is based only yards from the 'George and Dragon' pub where the vicious attack on Oliver Hemsley took place - so this is very much directly affecting our community. We have seen with our very own eyes the impact of this hate campaign and we're not going to stand by and let it continue. This part of East London and its neighbouring hoods of Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Dalston, Hoxton, Haggerston, Brick Lane, Bethnal Green and Hackney - even reaching as far Stoke Newington and Walthamstow is an amazing culturally, ethnically and sexually diverse area - with a rich and unashamed queer history, dating back to 61AD.

We certainly hope that the Board and Trustees of Pride London seriously consider your plea and lend their support to the cause. The impact of such an event musn't be underestimated. We have an opportunity to combat homophobia at grass-roots level in a highly visible and impactful way - uniting communities under the banner of "Unite all against Hate".

You can count on the support of Boutique Marketing and Out There to do everything in our power to assist and facilitate this event. We're in a great position with our connections with the Tower Hamlets Council, press and bloggers (many of which are local), business owners, scene queens, event organisers, local charities and campaigning groups who no doubt will fully support this cause once the call has been put out. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to activate and bring out those young gay people and their friends who live and work in the area, many who feel that the fight for gay rights is over, to instill in them an ever importance sense of Pride and show them what "community" really means. They are, after all - the next generation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and queer people - and this is the perfect opportunity for them to take the responsibility to win-back the freedom of their community.

Our only concern at this moment in time is that the proposed date of 01 October (6 weeks time) may not be enough time to drum-up a highly visible and moving attendance - particularly with many people away during this summer period and student groups, who we hope will form a large part of the rally will not yet be back at universities and colleges. We understand that if we are to act, we should act fast, but we believe that in order for such a march and rally to have impact, we need to secure a good volume of passionate people attending.

Otherwise, we look forward to being part of this great event.

Uwern Jong, Managing Director, Boutique Marketing - The Gay Marketing and Media Agency (www.boutiquemarketing.co.uk)
Martin Perry, Editorial and Creative Director, Out There magazine (www.outtheremagazine.com)


East London LGBT Pride - Open Letter to Pride London

Protest homophobia. Show that East London is not a gay-free zone

London - 22 August 2010

Dear Pride London,

East London LGBT Pride - Saturday 1 October 2011

Earlier this year stickers were plastered around East London declaring it a 'Gay Free Zone', warning that Allah's punishment for homosexuality is severe. Previously, there had been a series of horrific homophobic attacks outside the local George and Dragon gay pub. In one  assault, a 21 year old gay man, Oliver Hemsley, was battered over the head with a glass bottle and stabbed seven times, leaving him permanently paralysed and disabled: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-9183.html/

These gay-bashing attacks coincide with a dramatic decline in the number of gay venues in East London and some LGBT people moving out of the area because they feel it is no longer safe to live there.

The response of the LGBT community to this homophobia has been feeble. There has been no visible protest and no public affirmation that East London is not, and will never be, a gay-free zone.

Many LGBT people want to protest against homophobia in East London. They feel frustrated, angry and let down that no effective protest has taken place. They want a non-racist, unifying event that does not demonise particular communities, but which challenges homophobia and all hatred. I share their feelings.

The suggestion that LGBT people have to tolerate homophobia for the sake of preserving good community relations and not upsetting certain communities, is totally unacceptable. It is a shabby capitulation to prejudice and a shameful betrayal of the generations of LGBT people who have fought for our equality and human rights.

Every victimised community has a moral right - and a civic duty - to fight back against their bigoted oppressors.

People who oppose an LGBT Pride march in East London would never dare tell the Black, Asian or Jewish communities that they should not protest against discrimination and violence. Why are LGBT people expected to forego their right to protest while other victimised communities are not?

I therefore urge you to organise an East London LGBT Pride march and rally, working in cooperation with local LGBT groups.

Given the mostly unchallenged homophobia and the declaration that the area is a gay-free zone, we have to protest and show that East London is not a gay-free zone. This requires LGBT visibility and the reclaiming of East London as safe and queer-friendly.

Pride London is a suitably respected and neutral body to host the event, with the necessary experience and resources. 

East London Pride does not have to be big or complicated - just a simple march, with some music and a few speeches afterwards.

All you need to do is agree the date, time, assembly area, route and finishing point - and organise a small stage and sound system for the post-march rally.

If you agree in principle by early September, the event can be organised and publicised to take place a month later.

My suggestion for East London LGBT Pride is:

Date: Saturday 1 October 1pm for 1.30pm start

Start point: Commercial Street E1 (by Aldgate East tube)

Route: Whitechapel Road, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch High Street, Hackney Road, Austin Street.

End point: The churchyard or roadway opposite the gay pub, The George and Dragon, in Austin Street E2. A road closure could be agreed with the police. A small stage and sound system could be erected on the back of flat-top lorry, for speeches and music until 6pm.

I suggest that the East London Pride theme is: "Unite against all hate" or "East London United" or "Gays & Muslims united against hate".

We want to the event to be inclusive and unifying. Black, Asian, Muslim and Jewish organisations should be invited to participate and to provide speakers for the post-march rally.

This rally should explicitly oppose all prejudice and hate, including racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny, transphobia and the victimisation of Muslim people.

We should specifically advise that the EDL and BNP are not welcome and should not attend. If they turn up, we should liaise with the police to remove them. We want nothing to do with their politics of bigotry and division.

Moreover, no racist, nationalist or far right symbols should be permitted. For example: no Union Jacks or St George's flags.

Please give me your feedback.

Best wishes,

Peter Tatchell
Peter Tatchell Foundation

Further information: Peter Tatchell - 0207 403 1790
Email: peter@petertatchellfoundation.org
Web: www.petertatchellfoundation.org