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US Billboard Chart Electro-pop recording artist SIR IVAN returns with a fabulous new single – ‘La La Land’

“I just want to go to La La Land”

Banker turned recording artist, singer, songwriter, reality TV celebrity, philanthropist and activist, Sir Ivan is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single ‘La La Land’ on Peaceman Music into Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The Billboard chart-topping celebrity, previously penned and recorded global hits including ‘Hare Krishna’ and ‘Live for Today’.

For ‘La La Land’ he collaborated with producers Russell Ali, Jason Evigan and lyricist Josh Skinner. He also worked with acclaimed music video directors Dylan Trussel and David Dinetz – to record and create a vibrant, colourful, artistic world where all problems are solved and all differences celebrated.

The new single features mixes by Grammy nominated Midi Mafia (50 cent, Justin Bieber and John Legend), Grammy nominated Rosabel (Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan) and the hot new remixer duo Papercha$er.

The single debuted (10 August) at number 19 on the MUSIC WEEK UPFRONT CLUB CHARTS.

All colours of the rainbow

The La La Land video starts in black and white and as the song hots-up, it opens into full colour in a flurry of rainbow coloured flags – to show Sir Ivan’s support for the LGBT community.

“As the son of a Holocaust survivor, I’ve always been an activist for peace. I was brought up with a heightened awareness of the harm that being perceived as different can cause. Through my music and influence, I want to demonstrate my passion for the need to breed tolerance and understanding.”

“Right now, I’m particularly focussed on the needs of the LGBT community – who seem to have a bum deal at the moment with the debate on equal marriage, homophobic bullying among youth and political systems across the world that are looking to create second-class citizens of this colourful and diverse community. I for one will not stand for it and I hope people will follow me, in my music to unite against this injustice.”

“La La Land is all about this, a colourful world where difference is celebrated, regardless of your sexual orientation.” – Sir Ivan

Sir Ivan recently established a charity The Peaceman Foundation, set up specifically to battle hatred and violence.

He is also a major supporter and donor to the Trevor Project, the leading US organisation providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBT youth.



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> At the age of 45, Sir Ivan aka Ivan Wilzig, the eldest son of Siggi B. Wilzig, legendary Auschwitz survivor, financier and philanthropist; turned his back on his family’s multi-billion dollar banking business to reinvent himself and pursue a career in music

> Sir Ivan’s first single was an LGBT hit back in 2001, ‘Imagine’ a remake of John Lennon’s iconic peace ballad was released on Tommy Records, just a week before the tragedy on September 11th

> To promote peace through his music, Sir Ivan always performs in a cape adorned with a large Swarovski Crystal peace sign on the back, earning him the title of PEACEMAN, a 21st century rockstar superhero

> TV credentials include Stan Lee’s “Who wants to be a Superhero?”, VH1’s “The Fabulous Life of the Hamptons” and “Grand Castles of America” – featuring his unique medieval castle in the Hamptons



Boutique Marketing is pleased to repesent Peaceman Music and their headline star, Sir Ivan in 5 territories across the world - UK, Germany, France, Japan and Brazil. The press and media engagement project kicks off in August and will aim to put Sir Ivan on the LGBT map. Sir Ivan is a big supporter of LGBT rights and a significant donor to the Trevor Project.

His latest single La La Land was released earlier this month and is already climbing the Billboard charts in the US.


Media in these regions will receive their briefing over the next few weeks, but for advance information, please contact Uwern Jong - uwern@boutiquemarketing.co.uk