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Aegis Training has always been proud to achieve outstanding fat loss results with its busy, female, City based clients. These time-poor, high-powered clients know that a personal training studio like Aegis will always deliver the goods based on their needs.

But there are women all over the country that are equally as busy. They may not be high-flying city lawyers - but mums, teachers, administrators - busy women that may not have the luxury of attending a studio like Aegis.

This is why Aegis is proud to launch their tried and tested programme just for women, one you can do in the comfort of your own home - one that promises to drop you two jean sizes in a month. The programme has been specifically designed for women who want to achieve the kind of fat-loss Aegis’ clients do on a monthly basis, but for whatever reason, financial, geographical or other, can’t make it to a studio to train.

The programme is called SKINNY B*TCH and Aegis ran a trial just before Christmas, the aim: to get their test-subjects to become a ‘skinny b*tch’ for the Christmas season.

So they got 20 ladies, to hand over 30 days of their life and trust Aegis to deliver.

Zack Cahill, the trainer spearheading the programme states: “I generally train people who routinely work ridiculous hours and have a lot on their plate. I tend to only have 2 hours a week of in-person contact time and I’d be a moron if I asked them to do hours and hours of exercise daily, be insanely restrictive in their diets, or go through bottles of obscure supplements. I know they’re busy people and I’m all about working with people to work with their schedule. So I took this philosophy over to the Skinny Bitches test and made it possible for this group of people to work with me in a way that suits them.”

The results have been phenomenal (see attached images). With no more than 20 minutes of training a day, at home, without equipment or a gym membership - the members of the test achieved great fat-loss.

Here are some quotes from the ladies themselves...

"Hey guys final results are in!! Minus 5.2kgs (11.5lbs) - minus 6 inches on waist and minus 2.25 inches on hips! Thanks so much Zack for giving me the kick-start I needed to a healthier and fitter (exercise-wise not hotness-wise haha) me! I would never have been this motivated BSB (before skinny bitch) thank u so much !”

"I have weighed and measured today as we have friends coming, so I'm going to have my first drink of the month! Altogether 17 pounds down now, 3 inches from waist, 2 from hips, 3 from top of leg and 2 from top of my arms. Totally delighted, I'm a different shape altogether and feel brilliant. I am going to continue as best I can until Christmas week, its work nights out etc so I will follow the rules. Thanks Zack, you did perform a miracle x"

"Right here it is: i've lost 7.3 kgs (16.09 lbs), 2.5 inches from the waist and 2.5 inches from the hips!! and in Shakira's words...the hips don't lie ladies!!! am so pleased I've defo exceeded pre baby weight and some ... I last weighed this 11 years ago!!!! look out boys!!!"

The test was so successful that through word of mouth on social networking sites, January’s ‘Skinny B*tch’ first ‘real’ run is completely full. Bookings are now being taken for February’s group and it costs just £47 for the month. Not a bad price to pay to drop two jean sizes.


To book your place on February’s programme, contact Zack - info@aegistraining.co.uk - with subject line - “I want to be a Skinny B*tch”.


To find out more about Aegis, visit www.aegistraining.co.uk



About Aegis

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One of the City Of London's leading personal training specialists in fat-loss for the busy professional. With years of experience dealing with the challenges faced by lawyers, bankers and business owners in the city, we have developed systems that will work with your demanding lifestyle and produce results every single time. Poor sleep, stress, client lunches/drinks all make it difficult to lose weight and stay in great shape. We show our clients how the real methods for fast fat loss, honed over years of training people at our award winning private personal training studio.

Aegis is proud to be one of Time Out London’s TOP 10 GYMS 2012.


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