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FIERCE and MAD join forces to make a difference

What happens when you put Fierce and MAD together? A match made in bingo heaven!

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FierceBingo, is very proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Make A Difference Trust, in line with its mission to help and support the LGBT community.

FierceBingo has filled an otherwise untapped niche by bringing you the world’s first gay online bingo portal, with fantastic online games for LGBT people, as well as a safe and monitored chat room (Fierce Chat)  to get the community talking. There are regular exciting promotions and giveaways to reward you for your support, and welcome bonuses to grab your attention.

“Gay bingo has long been a medium for fundraising for the LGBT community. When we first set up FierceBingo, we wanted to make sure that we did what we could to give back to a worthy and relevant cause. It is therefore with great pride that we can confirm an agreement between FierceBingo and the Make A Difference Trust whereby Fierce will donate 3% of its monthly profits to MAD.

The Make A Difference Trust works to bring together the British Entertainment community and its audiences to raise funds to support people living with HIV and AIDS, and those in the entertainment industry facing hardship as a result of a long-term medical condition.”


The Make A Difference Trust has various programmes set up to support those in need, many of which target the LGBT community.

> The Crisis Fund – Set up to support those in the entertainment industry, living with HIV and experiencing health related poverty which impacts on their ability to maintain employment.

> The Next Stage Programme – Working alongside existing statutory services to support people back into work after long-periods of ill health.

> ACT Now! – Be Aware, Take Control, Get Tested Now! provides sexual health information, prevention supports such as condoms and information on PEP across the UK through theatres, dance studios and rehearsal spaces. The programme particularly targets LGBT and MSM groups.

> Are You Positive? – The charities education programme for schools, asking the difficult questions and getting people talking about the personal and social issues related to HIV

> Internationally The Make A Difference Trust works in southern Africa where it provides programming in: Food Security, Orphan Care, Education and Income Generation Programming, and has recently funded its 14,000th child with educational supports.

All of the programmes make a huge difference in the lives of those they assist on a daily basis.

Giving back and supporting our community is extremely important to us, and it gives us great joy knowing that we will be able to help fund the above programmes for LGBT individuals from the proceeds of the online bingo games that are played at FierceBingo.


For more information, logos, images and interviews, please contact UWERN JONG at Boutique Marketing - +44 203 286 3170 - uwern@boutiquemarketing.co.uk